As Dawn Breaks.

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As Dawn Breaks.

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Jennifer watched the T.V. quietly. She sipped on her orange juice and slowly ate her eggs. As usual she didn't sleep all that well, images of a world on fire permeated her mind, something she had been dreaming about since she was nearly killed in the heat blast that brought Dark Corp H.Q. to the ground.

"Our current plans are simple. We are going to restructure this company and build a now tower on the spot where the last stood. The building that is going up is being redesigned so that the work that Steele Corp has already accomplished will merge with our new plan for a larger complex. A larger complex that will provide, at this time, vastly uncountable number of jobs and work space for an equally unknown number of business's to plant their roots to begin growing." The spokesman, a simple P.R. guy with dark hair wearing the typical dark suit. Recited, skillfully, from the notes he held hidden behind the podium's edge.

"Having bought Dark Corp's stock from Steele Corp, mostly without their knowledge, Silversteihn Industries has vastly expanded it's assets in fields of genetic research and nano technology. As well as several other, fairly lucrative patents and research projects. But do you feel comfortable building this complex and moving your headquarters from Washington D.C. to here, in the middle of Mist City. A location only blocks from where competitor Steele Corp, whom are accusing you of basically stealing Dark Corp from them? Besides them, the up and coming, massive rival in virtually every department you've just acquired is Powered Up. Owned by Vincent Hernandez and James Royale. They have a new, state of the art, research facility in Industry Park on the other side of the bridge and will be opening the Light of Hope Research and training Hospital, aimed at lowering health care costs. Is it a good idea to be so close in proximity to these two rivals amidst the recent terrorist attacks on this city and the recent rumors of corporate warfare that have surfaced?" One reporter stood up to ask, causing Jennifer to shake her head and laugh.

"The Silversteihn Dark Complex will built here. It is in fact the best place for it. And if Steele Corp or Powered Up decided they want to face us on the streets in an illegal battle ground then I invite them to try, but corporate warfare is against the law..." The screen went blank, Jennifer rested the remote on the side table next to her couch and laughed.

"Airhead." she whispered, collected her dishes and moved on to the kitchen.